Monday, September 1, 2014

Wearing the SolaTie

1) Place the SolaTie around the neck under the collar. The wider end, should there be one, is on your left:


2) Make the left side a little longer than the right, then cross the tie, left over right:

3) Take the clip, and starting from the right…
4) …secure the tie to itself (not to the shirt) by attaching the clip just above where the tie crosses:

Wear the clip straight across, as shown here:

Or at an angle, going up from your right to left:

And there you have it. Why knot?
If you haven't already, see the introductory post on the SolaTie concept.

SolaTie concept - why knot?

The most commonly Googled question in 2013 was: “How do I tie a tie”?   
SolaDesigns designer Tom Clark answers: don’t.  Instead, we offer for your consideration the SolaTie: an unknotted, slimmer variation on the traditional necktie. The SolaTie, sometimes called the untie, sun tie, or summer tie, liberates the neck from the tyranny of the knot.
As you’ll see in later posts to this blog, it works in lots of arrangements, formal and casual, and opens up the alternatives for men’s and women’s neckwear. 

Should it catch on, a new world appears for fashion accessories: the SolaTie itself, in all types of fabrics and patterns, plus the designer jewelry to keep it in place.
So if SolaDesigns has anything to do with it, the options for neckwear will expand in some very comfortable directions, and shake up the fashion industry in the process. The fundamental question we ask is: “Why knot?” 
The SolaTie had its debut at the 2014 Beyond the Pattern fashion show.

SolaTie looks

A few variations on wearing the SolaTie...

Some relaxed, open collar looks:

Two more formal presentations, the first with a mock turtle neck:
Here the tie is crossed just above the jacket button, creating a vest-like look:

And here's a close up of the basic SolaTie clip, in silver:

If you haven't already, be sure to see the first post on the SolaTie concept.